Feb 21, 2023

Portfolio Manager (HK)

  • Maven
  • Hong Kong
Portfolio Management

Job Description

The HK investment team is looking for an APAC Equities focused Portfolio Manager. We are seeking a portfolio manager with a deep understanding of a particular inefficiency they attempt to capture. They will have been heavily involved in the research of the strategy as well as its implementation, and are able to develop new strategies from idea to implementation.

In addition, the PM will have a solid understanding of the dynamics of markets, and use these dynamics to display a qualitative appreciation of when their strategy performs well and poorly.


  • 2+ years experience as a PM, or 4-5 years as an assistant PM;
  • Clearly defined scalable strategy and investment process.
  • Previous 3 years of positive returns.
  • Clearly defined universe that is Asian Equity market focused.
  • The strategy must be based on a beta neutral framework that generates alpha returns in the Asian Equity Markets
  • Must be able to deploy the strategy in a hedge fund environment.
  • Personal qualities: high attention to detail, perform well in a high pressure environment, work with a team and is able to achieve the goals set for them