Aug 19, 2021

Senior C++ Developer/Architect

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  • Remote (Tallinn, Estonia)
Full time Software Development Systems Architect

Job Description

Full-time, Tallinn or Remote

We’re looking for an experienced C++ developer to join our team. Within this role you will design and develop performance critical multi-threaded backends in C++17 / C++20 for Windows / Linux in Agile (SCRUM) environment. Release software every 2 weeks by using Continuous Integration (TeamCity) and TDD practices. Write unit and integration tests. 


Required Skills And Experience

1. Strong analytical skills and should be a problem solver.
2. In-depth C++17 / C++20 and STL knowledge and huge experience on software development are required.
3. Excellent knowledge of Windows API and Linux system calls.
4. Excellent knowledge of design patterns.
5. Ability to design and implement performance critical systems.
6. Knowledge of Google Mock framework.
7. Troubleshooting skills. Knowledge of GDB.
8. Experience in profiling applications under Windows / Linux.
9. Knowledge of PostgreSQL and SQL.

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