Jan 18, 2022

Trade Support Specialist Analyst (Mauritius)

  • Remote (Port Louis, Mauritius)
Full time FX (Foreign Exchange) Operations Trading Systems

Job Description

DMALINK is an independent Electronic Communication Network (ECN) headquartered in London, England. An ECN is an electronic venue providing direct access to financial markets, predominantly used for enabling trading and execution of financial instruments outside of traditional exchanges (such as stock exchanges).


With an average daily turnover of $5.3 Trillion, Foreign Exchange (FX) is the largest financial market globally. DMALINK delivers real-time FX liquidity on an anonymous and/or disclosed basis to institutional FX market participants such as Banks, hedge funds, asset management firms, brokerages, proprietary trading firms, and other eligible counterparties.


This is a unique opportunity to join a highly dynamic firm heavily focused on financial technology and global markets.




A Trade Support Specialist (TSS) works within a team operating on a 24/6 basis. The analyst monitors the company’s platform(s), identifies and resolves issues that may arise on a day-to-day basis, and assists various teams within the business and across third parties in a range of projects relating to the company.


The TSS must be able to act independently or without supervision and make split second decisions. The role requires sound multi-disciplinary skills across finance, IT, statistics, big-data analysis, and the ideal candidate has to be confident within a client-facing role.

Key responsibilities

  • Maintain good knowledge of the business and workflows of the company, and follow procedures, rules and any regulation of the company and/or set out under the laws of the United Kingdom, Mauritius and any other relevant jurisdiction.
  • Ensure that all components of the DMALINK platform(s) are operating optimally at all times
  • Ensure that each counterparty solely transacts authorised instruments
  • Ensure that each counterparty operates within authorised credit limits, prepare and submit requests to increase (or otherwise modify credit limits) where required
  • Maintain adequate records in connection with all counterparties connected to, or transacting on, the DMALINK platform with regards to 24hr support desk and other authorised persons, authorised instruments, authorised credit limits
  • Investigate and resolve technical, price (market data), and other trade related issues within tight deadlines
  • Ensure that all completed trades have been duly reported to, and matched at, the company’s Prime Broker
  • Assist with new client on-boarding and integrations (technical as well as operational), schedule and carry out live test trades
  • Identify market risk position to the company and execute offsetting deals manually on the platform (live trading)
  • Use mathematical and statistical analysis skills to better understand, and produce management, client and liquidity provider reports on, trade execution, flow, as well as liquidity.


  • Work with and assist teams (within or external to the company) on various tasks in connection with the business of the company

  • Maintain highest standards of professionalism, integrity and confidentiality with regards to, or in connection with, the company

  • Attend meetings and calls with clients, providers, and other stakeholders of the company (including communication via email)

  • Without limitation, carry out any reasonable task with regards to, or in connection with, the business of the company


  • Bachelor degree (or higher) in one of the following field of study: Mathematics, Information Technology/Systems, Engineering, Physics, Finance, Accounting, Economics


  • Outstanding written and spoken English

  • Fluency (written and spoken) in any additional language may be regarded as an advantage



TSS employees have strong career growth opportunities within the company. The employee may eventually be called to take on more responsibility as a regional or global head of the support desk, develop technical skills (knowledge of FIX, ITCH, OUTH protocols used within the industry) to take on a Technical Integration Specialist role, integrate the sales team, or be more involved within the product development and project management teams. The skills acquired throughout this role will further enable the employee to aim for external roles within the financial industry.




The global FX market operates from Sunday 5pm New York (NY) time through to Friday 5pm NY time. Given the 24 hour operating nature of the market, the TSS may be required to work on a shift system, and may be called to cover various working hours, including public/bank holidays. Normal shift duration is eight hours.


The TSS may be required to travel to the office on a daily basis, or may be authorised to work from home on a case-by-case basis, and depending on the shift that should be covered.


Upon a successful completion of a six to twelve months period in Mauritius, the TSS may be invited to work in London or New York to further broaden their knowledge and skills to support the rapid growth of the business globally.