Assure Hedge

Assure Hedge is an innovative, award-winning and regulated FX hedging technology company. With offices in Dublin, London and Portugal, Assure Hedge is a financially (MiFID) regulated company using the latest technology to simplify FX currency hedging, specialising in FX options, forwards, spot and other regulated hedging instruments.


Who are Assure Hedge

We provide automated digital and phone-based foreign exchange hedging solutions built especially for FX brokers, fintechs and money service businesses to complement or integrate into your existing product suite, enabling your business to provide additional cutting-edge services to your clients, whether they are SMEs or mid to large corporates.

Assure Hedge is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), empowering us to innovate, enhance and modernise hedging, bringing it in-line with modern technology-driven banking.



The Assure Hedge Vision

Assure Hedge is a leading platform provider of modern, digitally delivered OTC hedging products and solutions.

Our vision is in innovating, modernising and reinventing a US$1 Trillion per day antiquated and broken marketplace for some of the essential financial risk management products that everyday businesses need to help them manage their currency risk exposure.

Assure Hedge is disrupting and transforming a significant part of one of the biggest markets in the World – foreign currency hedging.


Careers At Assure Hedge

Assure Hedge has grown with a clear goal of building a transparent, digital service for hedging currency risk. While our DNA is digital, it’s our diverse team of problem solvers who set us apart; we want to make hedging simple and easy to understand. 

We expect our teams to make mistakes; after all, we’re trying to solve some highly complex problems! However, you can be comfortable that the unified positive culture will encourage you to grow and collaborate. 

We are a team of passionate, enthusiastic and diverse people. We love working with individuals who share our vision to democratise currency hedging. If you are looking to join a fast-paced and dynamic environment then we could be the perfect match for you.