Company History

ACTIV is a global provider of real-time, multi-asset financial market data and solutions. ACTIV offers neutral, managed services for buy and sell-side firms and technology providers seeking a complete market data solution that encompasses both global content management and data delivery across the enterprise. With coverage spanning more than 150 equity and derivatives exchanges around the world, ACTIV is the only truly end-to-end, independent market data utility in the industry. Founded in 2002 by market data specialists, the firm is privately owned and has offices in Chicago, New York, Tokyo, Singapore and London.


  • 1990s: The founders establish A-T Financial Information, Inc., a market data firm eventually acquired by Thomson.
  • 2002: With 20+ years of experience in the market data industry, the founders establish ACTIV.
  • 2004: ACTIV launches its initial ticker plant for the high volume options marketplace. ACTIV releases ActivWorkstation.
  • 2005: ACTIV expands its client base and continues to sign new customers in Chicago and New York.
  • 2006: ACTIV opens additional data centers in Chicago and New York. The company maintains growth, crossing 100 customers.
  • 2007: ACTIV opens dedicated offices in Tokyo and Singapore with a large Asian push.
  • 2008: Additional offices in New York and London open with 200+ customers.
  • 2009: ACTIV releases the first FPGA market data solution. ACTIV closes funding from Bessemer Partners. ACTIV opens dedicated European centers. ACTIV crosses 100 employees and 300 customers.
  • 2010: ACTIV leverages its global backbone with the release of ActivNet. ACTIV launches 2nd Generation MPU offering. ACTIV adds additional data centers in Toronto, Tokyo and New York.
  • 2011: ACTIV introduces its Enterprise Platform, and expands from a US regional aggregator to a global, multi-asset data provider.
  • 2012: ACTIV clients gain local and regional direct low latency connectivity services via the expansion of ActivNet--the network now supported by 20 global data centers adding redundancies in Singapore, Toronto, London and Frankfurt.
  • 2013: ACTIV launches TradeDeck in response to emerging regulatory requirements in Toronto, and global developing markets where electronic trading activity continues to grow. TradeDeck answers demands for access by international participants over a mature and trusted infrastructure with high-speed data services.

Our community is made up of experienced professionals who have designed, built, managed, and supported mission critical systems at a broad variety of market data firms. We have a strong engineering culture focused on providing solutions to the technical challenges of market data.

We seek self starters with a clear vision of change who thrive in a fast paced environment.

If you are interested, so are we - please contact us to apply.