Ramp Network

Revolution starts with people

Blockchain democratises entertainment, wealth, builds new opportunities for community-driven innovation, shakes up the ancient regime.

We’re inches away from the paradigm shift and Ramp is here to help move the needle.

What’s it like working at Ramp

1. Never settle

With hunger and determination. High-performing, with even higher standards. Driven by the new and the never been done before. One eye on the next, and the other on the now. We're as obsessive about improving what we have done before as we are about building what's yet to come.

2. No egos

About what you can bring, not the title you have or the power you wield. Measured by what you know, not who. Skills over seniority, ability over age, knowledge over who makes the loudest noise. Humility is our superpower. And even the quietest voice can echo with the enormous impact they can have.

3. Liberate excellence

Passion is everything to us. Each individual is hired for one reason - because they're exceptional at what they do. We give room to ambition and the space for brilliance to happen within. Everyone is empowered with the trust and autonomy to show us what they can do. To show us what we can all do better together.

4. Level heads

Though passion pulses through everything, it's the head that leads over the heart. And rigorous thinking and evidenced arguments always win out. Emotions are left at the door, leaving room for receptive minds open to discussion and debate. Where boundaries are kept but the personal never gets in the way of the professional.

5. With pace and precision

For us, impatience is a virtue. Laser-focused on achieving outcomes at pace, but never at the risk of quality. We move quickly but precisely. Because big goals require giant strides. Ready to run at any challenge that comes our way. And always on the balls of our feet, prepared to shift direction to overcome obstacles.

6. The mission's critical

It's not just a career, it's a calling. A chance to realise the dream of crypto and make it real for all. Driven not by shareholders but by society, and the desire to build a sustainable business. We take this responsibility seriously and are infectious in our enthusiasm.



That's just the start

5 big reasons to be with Ramp

We accelerate progress

We’re moving fast because the opportunity is too great to wait. This means that things at Ramp can be tough, but they’re incredibly rewarding.

You can own the opportunity

A place where your career is firmly in your hands. Take the autonomy and ownership we offer and run with it in any direction you choose.

Free to explore the uncharted

Looking for a new challenge? How about one that's never been seen before. A chance to be an architect of an entirely new world.

A place to make a difference

Unconventional ideas come for unusual people. The misfits and mavericks. We’re a place where those people can find belonging.

Connect with the world

We’re a business born global. Connected to, and collaborating with industry-leading experts in crypto and blockchain from around the world.


When you're with us

Transparent pay structure (B2B net on invoice - or equivalent on employment contract)  💸
Stock options in a rapidly growing company - so far we have grown 40x this year 📈
26+ fully paid holidays - or more if you need it 🏝
Comfy workspace located in WarsawWrocław or London; work from home is also an option 🏠
Private health care package for you and your partner - fully on us 🩺
Newest Mac or laptop with Windows or Linux, and any other tools you may need 💻
Being part of one of the hottest crypto startups 🥇
Self-development and conference budget to help you grow 👩‍🎓
Annual company retreat ⛰️
English lessons 🗣️
Sports card for you and your partner - again, fully on us (PL residents only) 🎾
If you work from the office - free Thursday lunches!🍕