About us

Capedis is a global leader in providing regulatory and compliance advisory services. It specialises in advising on all aspects of onshore and offshore regulatory compliance. It helps its clients to ease regulatory burden by providing tailored cost-effective compliance solutions. Our full-fledged services include advice on anti-money laundering and terrorist financing; financial services regulation; policies, procedures and codes of conduct; regulatory remediation; provision of outsourced functions; compliance advisory; regulatory authorisation & licensing; information exchange and other areas of financial services regulatory law. Each solution we provide to our clients is personalised to meet their specific needs.


Join our team

At Capedis we never settle, we constantly push ourselves to be our best, we focus on solutions for our clients, and we arrive every day inspired to make an impact through our talents, passion and hard work. When we work hard, stay focused and create a lasting and positive impact for our clients. We value ALL interactions with our clients and-by partnering with them to understand and analyse their needs-we build solutions that they love.


Most advisors look at finances the same way, but Capedis integrate all necessary information for a comprehensive picture. It’s this unique approach that allows our Advisors to provide a strategic perspective for their clients. They can peek around corners, find hidden opportunities, and provide maximum clarity.


We are always interested to meet potential team members to join our fast-growing, dynamic team of professionals in order to continue providing a personalised, efficient, professional and confidential service. Our people are undoubtedly our greatest asset and we pride ourselves on creating an environment where our team look forward to coming to work every day.