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About Us: 

We’re TradingView, the largest social network and charting platform for traders and investors – used by 30 million users each month in over 180 different countries. One of the most popular websites on the internet (literally), millions of people turn to TradingView each and every day to help make more informed investment decisions that impact their financial future. We’re backed by top American venture capital firms, raising over $300M to date, with team members in 40+ countries around the 🌏 – speaking 20+ languages – and we’re growing in a big way.


Work on something significant

#1 investing website

We're the biggest website in the world when it comes to all things investing. Putting that into context: we're more popular than Pinterest, Spotify and even PornHub.


Be a true high-loader

Trillion of events processed

We analyze over 100,000 symbols multiple times a second, adding up to 180 million real time quotes every single minute. And our tech transfers all of that data to five million active online users. We sent over a trillion alerts last year. Phew!


Driven by UX

Thousands of use cases

We are rethinking the interfaces of classic analytical terminals, making complex things truly convenient for millions of users. Design, UX and front-end are not just words for us, but what made our product famous all over the world.


We're building a space where anyone can maximize their chances of succeeding through financial markets, because they've got all the best tools and data at their fingertips.