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New website launched to allow job seekers to turn their CV’s into NFT’s and earn from views by potential employers

New website launched to allow job seekers to turn their CV’s into NFT’s and earn from views by potential employers

Would you NFT your CV and see if you could make money each time your CV is viewed?

A new website has been launched that allows job seekers to use Blockchain technology to turn their CV’s into Non-Fungible Tokens. The new site, states that:

"In a world where companies are selling your data to the highest bidder, and Crypto Currencies, NFT's, and blockchains are the future, your CV has become a unique, valuable, and non-fungible commodity. By turning your CV into an NFT and applying for jobs via blockchain technology, job seekers are earning money royalties through the use of Blockchain Smart Contracts. Please visit our FAQ page or watch the video below to learn more...."

The website offers job seekers the opportunity to earn Royalty Fees by making their CV the subject of a Smart Contract on a Blockchain. Job seekers are then being paid Royalty Fees when recruiters pay to obtain the data contained within the candidate’s CV on the Blockchain.

In the site's FAQ, the question that would be of most interest to owners of NFT'd CVs:

How much money can I expect to earn?

The Royalty Fees detailed within our Smart Contracts can go up to 90% of the NFT sale value. The NFT sale value will typically be around £500 for jobs that pay below £70,000 per year, and around £1000 for jobs paying over £70,000 per year. The respective Royalty Fee will be detailed within each job advert, so you will know how much money you could earn each time that you submit your CV.

Job seekers are currently receiving their Royalty Fees in GBP, but will soon have the option of being paid in the form of a new stablecoin, following Rishi Sunak’s announcement that the government intend to set out new legislation that will see stablecoins become a valid and legal form of payment in the UK.

The NFTyourCV website is the latest example of the burgeoning and innovative cryptoasset industry, which is creating new markets and business models by using “stablecoins” – cryptocurrencies that are pegged to existing traditional currencies (pounds, euros, dollars, etc), and ‘NFTs’ (Non-Fungible Tokens) that can act as a record of ownership on a digital ledger known as a ‘Blockchain’.

Sean Nugent, CEO of Blockchain Britain LTD, which owns, has stated: “This is just one of many ways that Blockchain technology will change the way we do business and make life easier for people. Turning your CV into an NFT allows the creator of a CV to earn royalties much like an artist or musician would do. It’s also a great new way for recruiters to attract the staff they need”.

Alice Clarke, a recruitment consultant at Locum Personnel has said: “Attracting staff has become really difficult most recently, so we are really happy to advertise our positions on, as we know that we will get a really good response from there”.

Sean Nugent, CEO of Blockchain Britain, further commented: “We welcome Rishi Sunak’s ambition to turn the UK into a global hub for cryptoasset technology and investment, and we look forward to seeing the new stablecoin legislation so that we can progress our digital products in a way that remains legal and futureproof for our customers”

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