About LiquidityFinder's 'Job Finder'


LiquidityFinder is a UK-based, FCA Regulated, financial information site which helps companies find suitable partners for their trading business. The jobs pages (JobFinder) were created due to industry demand for a site dedicated to finding talent in this specialised area.

Very often companies were approaching Sam Low, LiquidityFinder's Founder, asking if he knows anyone that would be suitable for a specific role they had open in their company. Also, many candidates were coming to him looking for their next role because things weren't working out at their existing company. Sam therefore decided to create a jobs board where companies searching for candidates, and candidates searching for new roles, could meet each other. 

Listing jobs on JobFinder is free for all companies that list their business on the main site https://liquidityfinder.com/ - if you would like to list your company's services on LiquidityFinder, please get in touch here.

If you would like to list your company's open positions on JobFinder, please create an Employer Profile  and then choose the package you prefer. You can list a single job to try us out! If you would like to automate the process of listing jobs from your own website to ours, (where candidates are rerouted to apply via your own ATS) with no manual intervention on your side, this can be done quite simply - please contact us to learn more.

We can also support your search for candidates by posting specific job roles on our social media channels. Please let us know which jobs are most urgent to fill and we will try to help as much as possible.


Sam Low, Founder of LiquidityFinder


LiquidityFinder has a global audience of experienced employees and a wide range of employers across the globe. The mission is to create the leading site for Fintech and Finance jobs both in the traditional sector (TradFi) and the new emerging area of Digital Assets.

If you are an employer looking for new talent to join your company in this competitive space, create an Employer Profile and start posting your jobs today.

If you are a candidate applying to a company listed on these pages, please look at the Industry News section to review the news about the company you are applying to.  

Please see the main site here for detailed information about Liquidity providers and how they could help your business grow.